County Kerry, Ireland

Thursday, May 17, 2012: Dingle and Slea Head Drive

After breakfast and one more cliffside stroll we headed into Dingle. We were both eager to find some art galleries and in particular I wanted to go to tapestry weaver Lisbeth Mulcahy’s studio and shop. She was out of town, but I was able to take a photo of her studio. We bought some small prints at Dingle Artworks by June McIntyre, an artist who painted scenes of the cliffs we had just hiked. Turned out that she lives next door to the place where we spent the night. Ran into other North Carolina people at Dingle Woolen Market. We stopped for coffee and cake at a little cafe and set out for Slea Head Drive and its magnificent scenery before we left the Dingle Peninsula.

I wish that we could go back and spend a week exploring the Dingle Peninsula’s historical sites and walk along the sea cliffs. Do some art work and swim in the ocean. One night and one day was definitely not enough.

Ancient beehive huts, dry wall stacked and watertight for about 3000 years

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