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Sunday morning coffee pot post: The Whining

So, let me get the whining over with. It has to be done, I’m afraid, but enough time has passed that I found some upsides.

The workshop with India Flint was canceled, and I was devastated at first – actually cried for a hour at work. Fortunately I did not book my flight, because I almost did for both Sandy and me, and that would have been a pile of money that I could not have gotten back. This one was particularly special to me because my other favorite artist, Jude Hill, was going to be there, so unless it happens next year the same way, it might be irreplaceable. HOWEVER, the fact was that it was way beyond what I could afford anyway. I would not have thought about going into this kind of debt if it hadn’t been for both of these artists being in the same place with me. I have to believe that it happened for a reason. I hope that the reason is not that I’ll need the money for something not fun, like health reasons or a family emergency.

Maybe the reason is so I can have more money to spend in Ireland! I switched around our itinerary this week, because I found out that a festival is happening at Grianan_of_Aileach
on the last weekend we’ll be in Ireland. So since most of our reservations could be cancelled without problem, we are now going to travel clockwise to the Southwest first and wind up at the Giant’s Causeway on our last day. Since the Giant’s Causeway is the main thing I want to do I’ll have to cross my fingers that we won’t be too worn out to hike by then, but there are shuttles for old people – HA!

We both bought some good hiking shoes this weekend. They are Merrill slip-ons, have a rugged tread, and look nice enough to wear into a restaurant without being embarrassed. I bought a men’s style because the salesperson said that women with wide feet often find them more comfortable. Wish I’d known that 30 years ago!

So here’s my last bit of whining. I started having some curious things going on with my body in the past month or so. I finally went to my ob/gyn to see what was up. Come to find out after a pap and a blood test that I am no longer in menopause. I’m producing estrogen again. So if I end up getting my period in Ireland for the first time in a year and a half, I’ll be mighty pissed off. My doctor doesn’t know why, so when I get home from my trip I get to have an expensive test to look at my inner parts. And, for some reason, I have to call my insurance myself to see if it will be covered, even though my doctor says that it is medically necessary. This annoys me greatly. I have the codes to give them now so hopefully it will not be an issue. I want to forget about this totally until after I get back, because it is scary, even though I know that it probably will just be fibroids or something.

Let’s see, is there anything else to whine about? I want to get it all over with now.

Nah, the cats are doing well, my hands are better, work is winding down to a tolerable level (even though I’ve had to deal with one intolerable egomaniac) and I’m beginning to garden and bind books again. All in all, it’s a pretty good life!

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