cloth weaving, fiber art

Getting back to the good stuff

I started this acrylic painting while my left hand was still wrapped up from surgery. I need to spend a couple of hours more on details and then I’ll replace this photo with the final version.

I started physical therapy this week and finally got out the sewing machine again to begin work on a large cloth that I am working on under the instruction and inspiration of Jude Hill in her Cloth to Cloth and Sun Moon Stars and Magic Diaries online classes. I have fallen in love with the color blue all over again, after years of crushing on green and purple and yellow. I have lots of worn out blue jeans, because that is just about half of my wardrobe. I bet I can count on one hand the number of friends who have seen me wearing something other than jeans on an ordinary day.

This boro square is woven with recycled jeans and a square of fabric I soy batiked a couple of years ago in Melanie Testa’s class and then dipped in black walnut dye. Always keep your paper and fabric work that you are less than happy with, because you can always use them for layered or woven projects. Layers = richness. This is a base cloth for further work and a larger project, as is the next one, woven with mostly recycled clothing from our closets.

I discovered a couple of artists over the last couple of days who I really like – I am drawn to environmental and natural art forms, work using recycled and plant materials, such as Andy Goldworthy and Magdalena Abakanowicz.

Valerie Buess
Alastair Heseltine

Were you aware that some artists do not want you to pin their work on without permission? Maybe these artists are responding to people who pin their work as their own, or do not give attribution. I figure that it is the same as sharing a link to someone who you are inspired by or greatly admire, and to me it is about promoting and honoring that person’s work. I’ve never considered the potential for abuse until lately. I’ve seen my photography used on other sites without permission, when all they had to do was ask me. And there have also been several requests which I have granted, with gratitude that my work was appreciated. It’s a sticky problem to share your work on the Internet, and many artists have terrible problems with it.

In any case, if you pin or post someone’s work, please make sure that it at least contains a link going back to their site or the article where you saw the work published and attribution to the artist (that goes for my work, too). Now I will be more careful when pinning, because although I believe that I have always provided a link, I’m not so sure about the ones that I have re-pinned and will check those in the coming week, and I doubt that I have given attribution in the comments for all of them.

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