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Saturday Morning Coffee Pot Post

A very special Christmas – Santa came early and brought me Left Hand 2.0!

I really feel good about this surgery. The last time I had surgery it was on my right wrist and I had to have a surprise cartilage graft which took a long time to heal and put me out of work for weeks. Now I am seriously thinking about scheduling surgery on my right hand this summer and getting my mojo back for good. I aint skeered no more.

The doc said that I may be able to get by with naproxen or ibuprofen for pain, but Sandy got my oxycodone scrip filled anyway and it was a blessing yesterday, although technically I could have “gotten by” but why deal with pain if you don’t have to? Now I see why people get addicted to this stuff – it is very, very nice, much better than hydrocodone. I slept well. My biggest complaint is this lingering nasty sinus crap.

Years of hand pain have honed my one-handed typing skills.

I am one lucky duck. I worried that my sinus congestion was going to stop my surgery, since I was under general anesthesia, but that was fine. What really almost derailed it was that I developed a rash on my left wrist a few days ago and scratched enough to break the skin. Thank God it was far enough away from the incision site that it was okay, preventing me from having to beg and offer to sign all my rights away because damn it, I was determined that this was going to happen yesterday.

I am enjoying my Kindle. I can read in the dark! I am reading a very satirical apocalyptic novel titled Mercury Falling that is very funny. I wasn’t sure about it at first because I generally don’t care for mocking religious beliefs. I got over that, and the book is one I “borrowed” from the Kindle lending library. Next on my list is “The Paris Wife,” and Susanne lent me a paperback by Charles de Lint named “Someplace to be Flying.” It will be a nice change to read some fantasy, and I’ve never read anything by him.

Other entertainment – “The Tudors” and catching up on Glee and House on Hulu.

Sandy is up and rarin’ to go somewhere for brunch so I guess I’m going to get out of the house for a little while. I packed up a big box of books to sell at the used bookstore and that money will go into the travel fund for next year.

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