fiber art

Magic Hands Flag

Today my magic hands cloth, which has been magically making itself, told me what it was. It says that it is a flag. It says that it is MY flag. The flag of me.

I wondered for a long time what it was.

I pinned together what may possibly be the rest of the design. I still have a lot of stitching but the fabric pieces have been placed. Unless my flag changes its mind, of course, and tells me to change it.

This is such an odd project for me, and so personal. I debated whether to even share it here, and my decision was, eh, why not?

My hands have been doing too well lately so I decided that I must stitch the next couple of days to remind myself of why I need this surgery.

If I forget to post again before Christmas, please have a merry one. And HAPPY FESTIVUS – my surgery is on FESTIVUS! How will I be able to defend myself when the contenders come at me to pin the head of the household? Tonight is the winter solstice, so happy solstice to my friends who celebrate that. Happy Hanukkah too, however you spell it. I’m going to my first ever Hanukkah party tomorrow night.

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