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Saturday morning coffee pot post

I’ve had another one of those moody weeks. I decided to take the week off from working with my hands to give them a needed rest. Now I’m itching to get back into the studio, make some prints, design a new warp and get that started, since it will take a while.

Week before last, the Greensboro Fiber Guild met for the first time since March and what an energy-filled meeting that was. Deb Bartz was back in town from a two-year stint at Haywood Community College for their intensive fiber art degree. She is raring to go and will lead a fun hands-on workshop in surface design at our next meeting on November 30. That program sounds so amazing. Ah, to have the time and money and ability and courage to pursue your dreams – what a gift that is.

I went over to Susanne’s on Tuesday night and learned how to marble with her students. Now that is a fun technique. Right up my alley since I love a surprise factor in my art.

The bad news, the news that nearly flattened me yesterday and made me bawl, is that Teesha announced that she is going in a different direction and is no longer going to do Journalfests. And the coming Artfest is the last one, although it is at a time of year when I can never take off work anyway. Journalfest was transformative for me, one of the most wonderful experiences in my life. It was not just the event, it was the combination of the place, the classes, the people who all understood your passion, the teachers, and the energy. I missed this year’s Journalfest so reluctantly, but I kept telling myself that it is so successful that it would endure and I’d get to go next year. It has been the light at the end of my tunnel for a couple of years now. Never did I suspect that it would disappear because of a change in life direction – it was such a shining star in so many lives.

Now is not the time for me to give up anti-depressants, to paraphrase this guy.

I haven’t heard yet about the dates or cost of the Portugal trip, but I realized that I was basing my expectations on my hope, which isn’t very realistic. First, I was basing the expected cost on a workshop she scheduled in November with herself as an instructor. Then, I was basing it on being scheduled at a time when I can take off work and the airfare would not be sky-high (yes, that’s a pun). Now I’m scaling down those expectations and realizing that we may not be able to do it. Thus, I had already marked the dates in my 2012 calendar for Journalfest and was hungrily digging through all the photos and posts that the artists returning from Journalfest last week were uploading this week.

Sigh. I told you that I am addicted to art retreats.

One bright spot – one of the teachers that I am absolutely nuts about, India Flint, is planning two workshops in New Hampshire in August. The bad news is that one of them is impossible for my work schedule and the other one is workable but barely.

India Flint’s work is so inspiring that I can only take it in small doses before I realize that I am oxygen-deprived.

Another bright spot – I sold three books at the gallery in the last couple of weeks.

Okay, time to stop blogging. The coffee pot is empty and the studio is waiting for me.

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