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Saturday morning coffee pot post

The most wonderful thing about weekend mornings is that when I have a hot flash I can strip off all my clothes and stand in front of the open refrigerator.

Last weekend I did get the studio cleaned up and the warp wound on my loom. I ended up going back to my original idea of weaving towels or bread cloths, but in plain weave. I’ve gone almost full circle with my weaving and now simplicity of structure is more appealing to me that complicated treadlings. It’s comforting to get into that rhythm and the present moment when the world outside seems so full of chaos. I love the place where four fibers connect. # That center space carries all the color to your brain.

I’d post photos, but the lighting is so bad in my studio that the colors are all way off. Maybe I’ll take my DSLR camera out there later this weekend and see if it does any better.

Sandy set up an easel and an art space in one corner. I take my laptop out there and play downloaded podcasts of This American Life, Book Artists and Poets, and quiet music to keep me company when he is not there, although I have no problem with silence either.

Mmmm, ice pack to the face and neck feels so good.

I’m afraid that the basement might be flooded again and will have to check on that once the current storms finish moving through. My plan was to go to the farmers’ market this morning, but I lost heart for it. I’ll hit Deep Roots later when the day and my mood is a little brighter.

Anyway, I cut the first cloth off the loom and washed it in hot water and dried it in the dryer. I like to make sure that these can be laundered without worry. Other than the tension being a little off on one corner it looks pretty good. The tension should be better in the others because I had run out of warp sticks and that is no longer a problem, plus retieing it to the front helps. The first has a wine-colored weft and the next two will have blue, then light green wefts, all relating to the colors in the warp. Hopefully I will be finished with these and warped up for scarves by tomorrow night, which I’m going to try to knock out quickly for Christmas sales. I have SO much yarn that it is shameful for it to sit unused on the shelves.

I desperately need something light and amusing to read. Just finished Her Fearful Symmetry and Tess of the d’Urbervilles. God, what a mistake that was for somebody who was already depressed about oppression and has a history of stalkers. It followed me into my dreams. Now I’m reading The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver, in which I just learned about when our own army massacred a bunch of WWI veterans and their families in Washington D.C. in 1932. Good Lord. I think that I might have to go back to Stephanie Plum novels. How ’bout that sexy Ranger, huh? Isn’t Grandma a hoot?

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