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Saturday morning coffee pot post

Gosh, can I even remember this week? Is it worth remembering?

I can tell you that I spent much of it in a blue funk after the political hatefulness that occurred against my friends and family in this state. It made me realize that I cannot sit back and ignore the news, even though I desperately want to do so.

Hmmm. Sleep has been my friend this week. Also working in my art journal.

Sandy continues to be fascinated with painting as his right brain is developing and he begins to see.

I gave five large boxes of books that I had gathered for altered book and collage purposes to Susanne and John Martin, who teach art. Monday night Susanne hosted her book/paper art class in her back yard where the students chose from about a dozen vats of colored pulps to make multi-colored papers. I didn’t participate, although I was invited, because of the overwork on my hands the day before. It was inspiring and educational to watch because I realize how easy it is now. Maybe this IS something I can do with several small vats.

I have continued to clean and organize the back studio and I believe that today really is the day when I will wind on that warp that I began almost a year ago. There are tons of spiders and I killed many of them this week. I am eaten up with bites and can assume that some of them are spider bites. I just hope that none of them are brown recluses. I don’t want to bomb the studio with pesticides because it is a small space and I don’t want to remove all my yarns and fabrics or get pesticide residue in them.

Because I want to weave off this warp quickly, I’ve decided to use rags for the weft. My little Baby Wolf is not heavy duty enough to weave a sturdy rag rug, but it will be good enough to get rugs to use on my bedroom’s cold floors on each side of the bed over the winter. Then I’m going to enjoy knocking out some cotton flake scarves for Christmas gifts and sales.

Also, I’ve been playing with a bucket of walnut dye on the back deck. This took practically no effort at all – just pouring water over a bunch of green black walnuts and popping in some folded, tied, and/or clamped bundles of cloth. I toned down the green of the rayon scarf that I dyed in the shibori workshop, and the white areas turned a dusty pink – strange. Photos later. It’s time to get off this computer since the coffee pot has run out.

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