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The River Arts District

A blighted area of rundown turn of the century industrial buildings and warehouses beside the river becomes a hub of creativity as artists and restaurants and a brewery move in. What a lovely idea. We spent a rainy Labor Day morning strolling around the River Arts District in Asheville. Unfortunately, Mondays, and especially holidays, are not the greatest times to catch artists in their studios. What we did get to see was fun. I was sad that I didn’t get a chance to go to Asheville Bookworks, but that is an excuse to visit Asheville again.

The mural on the front of Cotton Mill Studios, where Cloth Fiber Workshop is:

An old building next door waits for transformation and a labyrinth lies behind it:

A transformed building for studios and the sign at the front:

The patio area at the Wedge Brewery, still another reason to go back:

A light lunch at Clingman Cafe:

Update: Nesting Blog wrote a post about a lovely garden in the RAD that we saw but didn’t photograph because of the heavy rain. I really want to visit Curve Studio when I go back.

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