Asheville, fiber art

Sandra Rowland

On Sunday, our first stop after a lazy morning in bed was the Folk Art Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Murphy fiber artist Sandra Rowland was one of the featured artists and she was demonstrating sun prints on fabric outside. Her quilts were fabulous because of her richly hued nature printed fabrics, but I wasn’t allowed to photograph inside. I bought one of her printed squares to include in my Magic Diary Cloth. She was also fun to watch and generous with her information.

This led me directly to Earth Guild in Asheville for Setacolor fabric paints, even though I suspect that any transparent acrylic fabric paint would do. I liked her style. The trick for me will be to work outside when it is hot enough to set the paints yet cool enough for me to deal with my hot flashes and the mosquitoes. I guess that an electric fan and bug lotion will have to be used because I’m doing this.

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