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Sunday morning coffee pot post

Miss Lucy is not only back to normal, she has become quite spoiled with all the extra attention she received in the past few weeks. Thank God, because I don’t think that we could have afforded many more vet bills.

I’m trying very hard to break my addiction to art retreats until I can get some of this home equity loan paid down. I’m still putting aside a little every month to save up for travel, because that has become very important in my life. Funny, when you consider that I am a recovering agoraphobic. I don’t know, maybe not. Part of the cure is that you can’t let yourself slip back into the behavior that got you pinned in the corner in the first place. When I was diagnosed, I didn’t even realize how long I had been there, partly because of the stories I told myself to justify staying home, and partly because I didn’t understand what agoraphobia was.

So, I scheduled an important task at work for the time during Journalfest to stop myself from registering. I want to go so badly. I keep looking at the workshop schedule. I keep looking at other conferences and retreats online, along with the airfare and hotel costs. It has truly become an obsession. I know, however, that I need to find ways to scratch this itch close to home for a while.

Yesterday I went to Galax, Virginia to a quilt show and art event at Matthews Farm Museum with an incredibly talented friend of mine, Laura Frazier, who was demonstrating wool sculpture and selling wool there. My mood needed a pick-me-up, and the beautiful location, weather, and friendly fiber artists provided it. I have photos of the site, but my batteries are currently being recharged so I’ll have to post them later.

I haven’t even finished posting my trip to Asheville! Wow, my life is full. I guess that I need to get off this computer, and go do what needs to be done this morning, which is cleaning up and out my studio in the back. Sandy is eager to use it for a painting studio, and I have a warp that has been on the loom for months waiting to be wound. I want to weave some scarves ASAP, but I need to weave off this yardage first.

I’ll be back with photos later. There is coffee to drink, peas and butterbeans and okra to pick, and some kind of meal needs to be prepared.

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