Asheville, dyeing, fiber art

Samples from the shibori workshop

Pole-wrapped sleeves. Hate, hate, hate the pink one. It wasn’t my intended color (I was trying for deep purple) and it didn’t change when I overdyed in dark blue. Silk is tricky. But I do like the red/brown one. It was “supposed” to be brown. These samples are from a silk blouse that I bought at a thrift store for less than $2.

Turquoise folded pattern: This is interesting cloth. A delicate white pattern that must be made with a polymer of some kind on white cotton. The cotton takes the dye, the pattern does not. Pleated, folded, and clamped.

Another sample of the same cloth, folded in a triangular accordion bundle and clamped.

Rayon scarf: Different stitched shapes stitched on a fold, drawn up, and dyed. It’s in a bucket with green walnuts and water on the deck right now. Already there are some interesting marks on it.

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