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Local food exploration, caterpillars, lungs

Another caterpillar stitch across the spine (see the holes between the blue butterflies) and a closure and this one will finally be ready for the gallery.

There were many tests and xrays of poor Miss Lucy’s put-upon body this week. This one of her lungs finally nailed the problem: severe asthma. We are still having to force feed her today but she did get up on the bed on her own last night and stayed there for a long time before retreating under the #$%^@ bed again this morning. This is getting old.

I didn’t have my camera this morning when Sandy and I visited the North Carolina Farmers’ Market on Sandy Ridge Rd. off I-40. Brunch at the Moose Cafe – finally there is a place that serves organic free range eggs. It was a little pricy but when you consider that they buy from local farmers and was very good, it was worth the price. I wonder why they didn’t pick a North Carolina animal for their name? When’s the last time anybody saw a moose around here? And why Quaker grits instead of Old Mill of Guilford? There is another one in Asheville, so maybe we’ll have breakfast at that one next weekend.

We bought butternut squash, free range chicken and grass fed beef from Peterson Farm this morning. Also my favorite marinated goat cheese from Goat Lady Dairy, and then I spread my money around the farmers that looked local: Cherokee Purple tomatoes, bicolor corn, cantaloupe, and blueberry cider (from Whiteville, NC). Very expensive sea scallops from the Chesapeake (I guess that it is the boat’s home), “river” shrimp from Sneads Ferry ($$$, but I just ain’t eating that cheap crap from Asia) from the seafood vendor there.

He said that they served imported shrimp at the recent shrimp festival there and all the local shrimpers are furious. I also learned recently that many restaurants at Calabash and area do not serve local seafood. You can only buy Asian shrimp at the Food Lion, a large southern US grocery chain, at Sunset Beach. (I asked and was directed to one of the seafood vendors set up on the highway. Really? Food Lion can’t support the local economy?) One bright spot: Fishy Fishy Cafe in Southport, one of my favorite places, is dedicated to supporting local fishermen. Apparently they survived the landfall of Irene right there with no problems because they are open for business according to their Facebook page.

Next weekend we’ll be in Asheville, NC which is a wonderful locavore and craft brew town.

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