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Sunday morning coffee pot post

It’s been a great weekend so far. The Elements reception went well, and everybody really liked the cheese and apple breads I baked. I went by Zaytoon and picked up a couple of their spreads to go with them, and tried to give them some advertising all night. So many wonderful small local restaurants have closed in Greensboro this year that I worry for all our small businesses.

Yesterday I broke the fast and went to the Greensboro Farmers’ Curb Market for the first time in weeks and had a wonderful time visiting with friends and food vendors. I got there a little late and so missed out on low-fat milk and salad greens, but I will pick these up at Deep Roots Market later today. I feel so fortunate to have these two healthy whole food resources nearby.

Theo is making me insane, though. I took him to the vet on Tuesday, thinking that his main problem was his anal glands. I changed their canned cat food because all three cats were rejecting it, which makes me concerned that there is something wrong with the batch. Now he is still jumping back from the food as soon as he smells it (the other cats are fine with it now) and he is licking and scratching and biting himself worse than ever. He is also smacking his lips a lot. I gave him a quarter of a Pepcid yesterday (something the vet told me to do for Squirt when he had stomach problems). He wants to be in my lap or on top of me or in my sight all the time. So I guess I’ll be taking him back to the vet for a steroid shot tomorrow and I bet that they will want to do blood work. I wonder if it is anxiety.

Sandy is very excited about painting now and I am thrilled to have an art companion! We cleared off the dining room table, put a plastic tablecloth over it, and had an art date yesterday afternoon. He has decided to try acrylics, and chose subjects that are definitely NOT beginner material, but the point is that he is enjoying it and I was quite impressed with his work yesterday. Of course, Theo had to get into his lap to check out his work.

I finally washed some Stonehenge papers with acrylic paints for binding into journals. The trick with this is that you want it to be pretty, but not TOO interesting because the purpose is to write over these pages. I stack these with sandwich paper that I brought back from Albie’s class and the wrinkles of that paper and the plastic garbage bag that I laid them on made some wonderful effects. I guess that I’ll save the more interesting ones for endpapers or covers.

Today, my goal is to finish gluing paper to covers, binding, and make closures for at least three books to put in the gallery. I hate glue, so I will have to make an attitude adjustment to get started with this – do the gluing first and get it out of the way.

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