It is time once again to present sentences from descriptions of Google results for “slowly she turned.”

“Slowly, she turned and lifted her eyes to Remus, who looked shocked and angry and not a little bit aroused. He quirked his eyebrows at her in question,”

“Slowly she turned and walked towards the holodeck doors. Over her shoulder, she said, “Let me know when you want to collect.””

“Slowly she turned to face him. “I know that… but I also know what I felt.”

“Slowly, she turned on the spot and faced him, mouth slightly agape while her eyes glowed in confusion.”

“Slowly she turned. He had thrown his cape over his shoulders. She saw suffering in every…”

“Slowly, she turned around, frowning in confusion. “Why do you say that?””

“Yet slowly she turned and looked up at her captor, straining to see the features hidden within the hooded cowl of the man’s mantle, but it was too dark.”

“Then, equally slowly, she turned. “That,” she said in a low, sweet voice, “was a dirty trick.”