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The day’s news

Hooray! I missed the meeting, but I just heard that the Greensboro City Council, finally, finally, finally voted 5-4 to give the management contract for the Greensboro Farmers’ Curb Market to the only common sense choice, Greensboro Farmers’ Market, Inc., a proposed non-profit community-led organization who will keep the focus on local.

Ed summarized some of the meeting, but the televised footage will be archived on the city’s website, I believe.

I have to say that I still won’t feel good about this until a firm, no bullshit contract is signed and I’m very concerned about the city mucking this up again somehow, but this was the main hurdle.

I left the board of the Friends of the Market in frustration over the way we have been treated by the city. By one particular councilperson and one particular staff member especially, and by that yellow rag I saw everywhere blasting out lies about our group. What they didn’t realize is that the more they abused us, the more determined we grew not to give in to their unreasonable demands. I could not BELIEVE the way this group of kind-hearted volunteers were harassed and vilified.

Also, I took Theo to the vet today and had his anal glands expressed. Somehow, it feels like this news is related to the above. We both certainly feel better.

No comment on the debt ceiling legislation. I am boycotting the national news until I can discuss it without screaming. This may be a long time.

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