fiber art

Gallery sitting

Gallery sitting at Elements Gallery – it is quiet so I am blogging a little and listening to Radio Heartland on my laptop. I have the Adjustment Bureau in my DVD drive if I get desperately bored, otherwise I’ll watch it later. I hardly ever go to the movies any more. It is rare that I feel like it is worth the expense.

The dogs upstairs certainly are having a great time. I think that their humans must have just gotten home.

Here is my latest progress on the Magic Cloth.

I basted it to the blue rose print so that I could get rid of the pins. When the patch is sewn down I’ll take out the red thread.

I chose the colors that appealed to me out of my stash. There will be a lot more green and blue. There will be a little of the blue rose print but it is a bit girlie for me even though I like the colors. I will probably let it peek out now and then just as I do with my girlie side occasionally.

For some reason I could not upload it through my Chrome browser and I finally had to use Internet Explorer. I’m beginning to think that I’m done with Chrome and will switch to Firefox, which is what I use at work. Does anyone else have problems with Chrome? It seemed good at first.

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