Ah, well. I said that I was going to start blogging every day, except for vacation, and here I’m back and I’ve already skipped a day. So glad that nothing is set in stone.

I’m feeling pretty down. Don’t know if it is politics, which I really need to stop reading about, or health, since I’m having some problems, or post-vacation blues. Usually I have some art retreat lined up to look forward to and I don’t right now. Since I am so big on living in the present, I hate to think that might be it, but there you go. I feel indecisive and very tired.

I’m going to put together a stitchery bag tonight to carry with me for spare moments and hopefully the next post will find me in better spirits with something to show. I think that it is time to get out those onionskin dyed cotton fabrics that I dyed this past Christmas. Weaving strips of cloth is very satisfying and comforting to me.

Here’s a texture and line photo for you:

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