North Carolina, North Carolina beaches, Reading, Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach Finale

Left to right: Brother Thad, Cousin Cherie, and Nephew Seth

Cuz-in-law Ken, G-neph Jake

Cherie and I at the Kindred Spirit mailbox on Bird “Island.”

I did manage to get a couple of pairs of book covers almost done and a dragonfly/mica book bound. I warped up the tapestry loom so all that is left is to pick a design and start weaving. My newest order from Treenway Silks arrived just before I left. I took advantage of a clearance sale.

I’m glad that I have this day off before going back to work. I picked up some minor bug and woke up a bit sick yesterday, but it doesn’t seem like it is going to ruin my week ahead. After all the weight I probably gained this past week, not being hungry is a good thing.

Between my sister and niece’s cooking and eating out, we ate very, very well. Brooke, who works for a barbecue restaurant, made a BBQ meal with all the fixings Saturday night. Lisa made breakfasts and chicken/rice casserole and spaghetti with Pierce’s sausage (from Hallsboro) and provided wonderful North Carolina themed snacks. Mama brought her chicken salad and potato salad and field peas. Sandy and I prepared the components for marinated shishkabobs one night, and Brooke and the guys managed to get them grilled despite the two house grills falling apart.

This afternoon I need to pick up a few groceries, then I’m going to spend most of my time catching up on my online “class,” the Magic Diaries with Jude Hill. We bought a season pass to “Breaking Bad” on iTunes and so we have an episode of that to watch and a movie.

My novel this week, during the few times that I could read, was “The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse” by Louise Erdrich. I’ve recently rediscovered her and now I want to go back and re-read her first books from 20+ years ago.

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