book arts, weaving

Sometimes I can understand why some people are closed-minded. My head is so full of ideas that it is almost painful. If I had a month to myself in a beautiful isolated place, I might be able to make my way through it, but since we have to play the cards that we are dealt, here I am. In the world.

I am still weaving paper. It is an easy activity I can do on my office desk during this slow time at work and still answer phones, emails, and do the occasional paperwork until my work world starts to rock at the beginning of August. Or maybe when I get back from vacation next week, since the budget uncertainty is still looming over our heads. I’m not worried about my job (yet) but it’s possible that I might have to deal with some of the fallout.

I especially like this one, because it looks organic and antiqued. It also is leading my mind to a rabbit tunnel book, along with Robbie Rabbit.

My thoughts are turning more towards Sunset Beach next week. I plan to take a few clothes and lots of art supplies. Since we will have four people and luggage in our Honda Fit, something has to give. Fortunately there is a washer/dryer. We may not have Internet access there. If not, I will not be blogging. I might not blog anyway, we’ll see how it goes.

Last night I cut bookboard for covers. I thought that I would glue down papers and cloth on them before the trip but now I think that I might do that on the back porch of our oceanfront house. I can hardly believe that I will have this opportunity to play at the beach for a whole 6.5 days. I may have completely different ideas inspired by the beauty there. I’ll take the copper loom too and play with some found object and fiber weaving.

I’m not sure that I shared this before. This is a woven cloth strip square that I made a few months ago and overstitched with my new sewing machine, trying out the different stitches. The cloth strips are from the soy wax batik class that I took with Melanie Testa last year, and some onionskin dyed cotton.

HA! Look what color it is!

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