fiber art

Magic cloth musings

I’ve been thinking more about this aversion that I had to the patchwork squares, and how my first reaction was that I don’t like pink or shiny. When, actually, that is not true at all. Now I think that was a knee-jerk reaction – a tomboy response. (Here’s a link to one of my very favorite songs, one that describes me so well.)

It is true that I am not drawn to pastel colors. But I love a bold magenta, and the pink edges of clouds. I love the glow of silk, and reflections on water. All I have to do is look at my own tapestries.

I think it is that the color combinations are bugging me. And that can be remedied in many different ways.

So this has set my thoughts off in a different direction – gender, the expectations of others concerning women, what I expect of myself as far as my gender, and my rejection of the “girly-girl” culture for myself. I guess that I have seldom felt really feminine, yet I have always been attracted to men and masculinity. Never thought about it that much – I yam what I yam. This color bias and gender thing is interesting.

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