art, fiber art, Forest Grove, Oregon

Textures and lines

So, there’s this book. I ordered several great books a few weeks ago, but there’s this book, this one book, that I can’t get past. It is ringing my chimes and I can’t read it for more than a few minutes without feeling like I’m going to have an anxiety attack from sheer joy.

The book is Drawn to Stitch, by Gwen Hedley. I just now looked up her web site and I haven’t looked at it yet, other than to make sure that it is indeed her. Amazon has the book too, but the Interweave site has a nice application you can use to look through it.

I feel like all my buttons are being pushed and I immediately got back to work taking photographs of lines and textures to use for some exercises in this book and for an artist’s book and for tapestry. Here are a few from Oregon:

It is so good to have a pocket camera again!

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