Oregon, Portland

Side trip to Portland

We decided that we would rather pay for a hotel room in Portland on Sunday night instead of taking a red-eye flight after the conference was over. I found a good deal for the Benson Hotel, a gorgeous old hotel in downtown, and Judy was kind enough to drop us off there. Unfortunately, Delta moved our afternoon flight back so that we had to leave for the airport at 10 a.m., so our time frame was not ideal for sightseeing. We made the most of it though, with a fabulous seafood meal at Jake’s Famous Crawfish, a long visit to Powell’s City of Books, a walk along the river at dawn, breakfast at a diner in the Pearl District, and a quick stop at a beautiful fountain park.

We had Dungeness crab stuffed salmon and a halibut/salmon/mushroom/hazelnut creamy hash that was to DIE FOR.

Oh. My. God. Part of the weaving book section^

Sunrise from our 11th floor hotel room window. Didn’t I do good – I wasn’t afraid of the elevator.

I think this is the first time I’ve seen a “sun dog.”

A rare good photo of me, thanks to Susanne. Our airport shuttle bus driver stopped here briefly to let us experience this wonderful park. We have to go back so we can play longer!

Seriously, Sandy and I are considering a move to the Pacific Northwest after he gets to retirement age (less than ten years away) and if we can find an affordable place to live near a nice town or city. Susanne is ready to go too! I think that Forest Grove would be a wonderful place to live, just from the few days we spent there. Of course, near Seattle would be wonderful too.

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