This will be short – my tendinitis has flared up again and I had another injection today. It hardly hurt at all. Also had my neck x-rayed and the doctor doesn’t think that it is causing it.

I’ve posted a widget for Forest Grove, Oregon to the right sidebar because my mind is spending more time there instead of here. My friend Susanne and I are flying there next Wednesday, where we will meet up with my friend Judy and we are all going to play at the Focus on Book Arts conference at Pacific University. I shipped a flat-rate box of my supplies today so that we won’t have to mess with checking bags.

The AC and furnace installation was finished today, thank GOD. Of course, the weather cooled down so I didn’t even turn it on. Oh the irony.

We’ve been doing major purging and cleaning and organizing. I cut the three tapestries off my loom and now I need to back them and either hang them or frame them. I have a nice collection of driftwood sticks and I think that I’ll try to hang two of them and frame the other.

Well, gotta go. Always assume that it is good news and that I’m happily busy when I don’t post. Or, if you really love me and can’t get enough of me, like my page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/slowturnstudio/. Be sure to tell me you’re a reader of this blog and note: if you send me viruses or spam I will hunt you down like a dog and unleash the merciless fury of a hormonal woman in pain on you.

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