New art and progress

Getting close to the end of this tapestry. I reworked this transition from the golds/pinks to the blues/pinks several times. Much happier with it now.

This is very different for me, the all-natural earthy hippie wannabe. It began as a joke – I have a lot of disdain for some of the art I see in museums and at UNCG. It seems to me that some students are encouraged to produce junk as art in the name of originality. Sandy was cleaning out a big drawer full of cables that are no longer useful that he’d been hoarding for years. I said, wow, I can random weave these like vines around this metal frame, stick a few condoms on it, splash some red paint on it, string some Christmas lights on it and submit it to the MFA program, ha ha. Then suddenly it was an hour and a half later and I was totally entranced in it. Now, suddenly, this joke has real potential to me. But no, I am not going to hang condoms on it. I have not sunk that low yet.

The working title is “Always Connected.” This is the base for some other cool electronic found objects that were going in the garbage. It is surprisingly heavy – there is a LOT of wire in this piece.

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