The Jazz O’Neill Fan Club World Headquarters

From my first website, “Jazzcat Productions”:



by Jasmine O’Neill

I was found as a small kitten trotting down a busy major thoroughfare in Greensboro, N.C. Sandy was with a friend at the vet when he spotted me and discovered I was up for adoption. Of course he was entranced with my beauty and took me straight home. Since then, I have lost my friend and mentor, Sharkey, and unfortunately have had to put up with two new toms, Guido and Squirt. I occasionally lower myself to groom them. They sometimes appreciate my acts of charity but are mostly annoying creatures. And worst of all, they sometimes take some attention away from ME with their crude antics. But enough about them!

Here’s a picture of ME and Sharkey. As you can see, Sharkey understood his position in life as it related to ME. More creatures should spend time meditating on that. Jazz and Sharkey
Jazz at the loom I am the director of feline resources at jazzcat productions. Here I am inspecting a warp on a loom – it seems that I have to do everything around here! So, I am not only gorgeous, but a very important career cat as well.
This is a photo of ME and Guido before he became fat and obnoxious. Jazz and Guido

My Favorite Actresses

Michelle Pfieffer as Catwoman Julie Newmar as Catwoman Eartha Kitt as Catwoman

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