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Sunday morning coffee pot post

Wow, was this ever a long week! But it has been a wonderful week, in its own way.

I debated whether to mention this, but I don’t think Sandy would mind. We hit a rough patch, and last week I really thought it was over. But we managed to talk honestly and thoroughly to each other, without a counselor, and said some things and listened to some things with our full attention on each other, and worked it out. Aren’t we lucky? It could have easily gone the other way had we not stopped and concentrated on our partnership and its problems and its benefits.

Change is hard, and the change I was heading for scared the crap out of me. But it is better to take the leap and make change if you are miserable with the way things are. Really, if the present situation makes you unhappy, what do you have to lose? In our case, we both had to push some resentment out of the way and chip out some of our hard shells to be able to really focus, and we both had to compromise on a few things, and now I can say that even though it was scary and hard, I am so thankful that we did it. Because neither of us was happy, and now our future looks much brighter than it did a little over a week ago. I really thought that by now I would be writing about being newly separated.

Anyway, we weathered that storm, and the big storms that came through the southeast yesterday. I’m still looking at the photos and news about the Carolinas getting pummeled by tornadoes. Some of the damage was in Robeson County, where I’m from.

We went to the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market yesterday morning and bought a variety of tomato plants from Handance Farms, including Cherokee Purple, Early Pak 7, Rose, Brandywine, and Mortgage Lifter. The tomatoes are Sandy’s project this year. I suspect that it will be frustrating, since last years’ tomatoes bore the worst devastation ever from raccoons and squirrels.

I have planted a variety of (lima) butterbeans and sugar snap peas and replaced a few herbs – English thyme, sage, parsley, chamomile. I bought an alpine strawberry to grow in a pot. My lettuce mix is coming up, but mostly in clumps so I’ll be separating and replanting some today. I have eight broccoli plants to plant – I will have to protect them from getting munched on by rabbits by putting some plastic juice bottles with the bottoms cut out over them. The problem is that these can get too hot in the daytime so I’m going to punch a few more ventilation holes in the sides (in addition to the top) with my cropodile. See, I knew that thing would come in handy one day!

I moved some volunteer lettuces yesterday. Last Sunday afternoon we worked on the front yard, where I dug up some volunteer flowers and moved them to the strip between the sidewalk and the street. My rudbeckia (black-eyed Susan) volunteers that I transplanted last year reseeded and I hope to have a whole area of those cheerful faces. At least I imagine them with faces. Must be a childhood book or movie memory. I also noticed some dill volunteers.

I love volunteers. We haven’t gotten any tomato volunteers this year for the first time because the critters did not let any of the tomatoes even get pink before they stole them.

Now we need to do some major clipping. And by we, I mean Sandy, with my direction. I have been forbidden to clip for medical reasons. I have an “oriental garden tool” that I’ve been using for digging and weeding this year, and it is so much better on my hands! I bought it from Pinetree Seeds and it was well worth the money – this trowel will never bend out of shape!

Sandy and I have also started walking again. One night we walked with the Piedmont Hiking and Outing Club, a group that we walked with probably ten years ago. We are pretty out of shape and felt even this mild exercise in our muscles. We have to get some exercise though, for a variety of medical reasons. I have developed pretty severe restless legs syndrome and discovered that antihistamines were making it 100x worse! So I’m struggling with allergies too – the trade-offs that you have to make sometimes are tough.

Today I’m going to bind a couple of books and start getting my inventory ready for Elements Gallery, which opens on May 6.

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