fiber art, Port Townsend, tapestry, weaving

Puget Sound Sunrise tapestry finished

Well, almost. I’m going to weave another half inch of blue to turn back for a hem at the top. And I’m trying to decide between the names “Puget Sound Sunrise” and “Port Townsend Sunrise” – I like the second for the preciseness of location, but the first for the sound of it, and that more people around here would recognize the words.

I left it alone for a while because I couldn’t figure out how to weave those top clouds. I took out the very dark cloud I began with and I am much happier with the results.

I didn’t use a cartoon for this tapestry. I usually had the photograph up in front of me to refer to. But sometimes it is best to strike out on your own and trust your brain. Weaving is not painting and has its own peculiar challenges – I left the days behind long ago when I thought that every image I created had to match an image in real life. Sometimes the little bit of OCD left in me nags at me and I have to push it away and have faith in my hands and eyes. So I didn’t refer to the photograph much when I wove those top clouds, and that helped me break through the artist’s block.

Here’s the photo:

I think that I’ll do another one based on this spectacular sunrise since I have many photos and it changed so much over the course of 30 minutes. But I’ll need to dye some more silk first. I am out of that luscious purple.

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