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Saturday morning coffee pot post

First, I gotta say, please come out to the Hand-to-Hand Market at and ABOVE the Green Bean in the heart of downtown Greensboro on South Elm St. It runs from 3-10 p.m. and my work is for sale upstairs on the shelves. There will be live music, demos, and TED-like talks on food and sustainability. A lot of my friends have said that they are going to be there so you will also get to hobnob with the coolest group of people EVAH.

I am undecided at this point whether I am going to continue with my Etsy store. I’m just not comfortable with selling my books online – I want my buyers to pick them up and look at the pages and the bindings. I can take payments through Paypal on this blog, but at this point I want face-to-face sales. We’ll see how things go.

The estimated opening for Elements Gallery will be May 1 – HOORAY! So I will have a gallery again, and this time I will be a member of an artists’ co-op, a item on my bucket list. I should have a nice selection of handmade books by that time and then I want to concentrate on weaving for a while – make a bunch of scarves and runners for Christmas.

I feel optimistic about my healing because I got a steroid injection on Thursday, and it was not bad at all. If it helps, I won’t mind doing it again, unlike that horrible hip injection that I got almost two years ago. I just hope that it helps. The doctor told me that it would take until today for me to feel a difference, and so far I haven’t felt better, but my mantra this year is “patience.” If this doesn’t do the job for me, then I will go ahead and have surgery after my trip to Focus on Book Arts in late June. I need to get this Dupuytren’s nodule removed from the same hand anyway. I’m determined to do what I need to get this fixed now. It’s been years of dithering over it off and on, hoping when it goes away that it won’t be back.

Sandy has gone out in the country with his macho friends to target shoot, so I have the house to myself until I go downtown. It is a beautiful day and it will be hard to stop myself from grabbing some clippers and going to war with the ivy and other vines coming over the fences and walls from my neighbors’ yards. There are fruit trees and bushes that need pruning, weeds to be pulled, and in a few cases, eaten. I’m going to try to do a little cleaning and laundry inside and then go out to the studio and resume warping the loom for the project that I began about exactly a year ago. I finally got most of the stuff that fell on the floor when my shelves came crashing down picked up – so nice to have the cat-free space back!

The small amount of planting I did during the last couple of weeks reminded me that the biggest challenge I now have with gardening is not my hands, but the @#$% critters that dig everything up and carry off seeds and eat my green tomatoes! The cherry bushes and pear tree are in bloom and it is lovely out back, although bare on the ground, mostly.

I’m off – going to gather some handmade paper for Tristin to make origami cranes with this afternoon. We are also taking donations and selling some items to benefit the people of Japan.

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