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Sunday morning coffee pot post

Coffee makes everything better.

I went to the farmers’ market yesterday morning, proudly carrying my Friends of the Market logo bag, and I did feel better for it. I bought coffee beans, ground beef, stew beef, pork chops, milk, soap, a parsley plant to replace the ones I lost in the mulching project this past year, and a stalk of brussels sprouts, which I intend to roast in the oven with some olive oil today. Miss Lucy was the lucky recipient of the stalk after I cut the sprouts off. She gnawed on that all day. She is one green-happy cat.

One thing that make me feel happier and energized was that I ran into Tristan, one of the organizers of the Hand-to-Hand Market. Her enthusiasm and information about this new group made me feel both validated and eager to participate in their events.

I came home and bound several books that I had prepared over the last few weeks, some of them in California. I learned/re-learned a couple of things. I hate glue. And I should back off from the temptation to separate my mica sheets in order to get a more clear surface. I spent hours down an OCD rabbit hole last night flaking off pieces and layers of mica off the covers I prepared. I think that I’ve finally got several of them down to the bottom thin layer. I’m going to try to paint these with clear acrylic medium to stop any more flaking, and start over with some more mica covers. These time, no pulling apart the layers. The layers are what make mica appealing, but I didn’t realize how flaky the sheets would be in the middle. Ah well, these should turn out lovely, really. It’s just that I have mica flakes all over the dining room now.

Sandy is finally recovering so we went to M’Coul’s last night and had a couple of drinks on the upstairs deck. He ate lamb stew and I had pita bread with baked goat cheese, a roasted tomato, spinach, with a sweet balsamic vinegrette at the bar. We love M’Coul’s because of the friendly bar staff and their awesome beer selections, which includes Smithwick’s, of course.

I’m going out to my friend Steve’s shop this afternoon. We are doing a bit of a barter – he is helping me frame my work and I’m helping him set up a website/blog for his framing business. I’m going to stop by Kohl’s and use my 30% off coupon to buy new jeans for the year ahead – mine are nearly worn completely out and I can never find any my size that I like at consignment stores.

Next, a few photos of my new books. I’ll publish these a couple at a time.

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