Sunday night update

Well, I took a swift slide to a real low point after the last post, even as I was writing it, but at 9 p.m. Sunday I am on the other side of this flu. Yay! It always takes getting the real flu to remind you that it is different from a bad cold. I’m able to sleep and my temperature is under 100. It’ll be another day in bed for me, but I am grateful that my life includes a job with health insurance and sick leave; a husband who drove me to the doctor, ran errands, and took care of me and the cats; no kids to worry about; a comfortable, warm bed to sleep in; a friend who dropped off chicken soup; a wireless laptop that I can watch TV shows and movies on; a book of short stories by Wendell Berry; and the knowledge that I will live to see another day! A friend on Facebook recommended astragalus, and another friend recommended zinc. I can’t say for sure that they specifically helped, but they sure didn’t hurt. All this in only three and a half days. Wow.

You never know what is coming around the corner. It’s helpful to be reminded of that.

So, I’m in good spirits. Mama is going to call to reschedule her colonoscopy in the morning and I should be able to go down there in a few days and help her. According to the CDC I won’t be contagious 24 hours after a tylenol-free normal temperature, so I still need to get to that point. Then I’m gonna fire up the sewing machine, tear up some fine handmade and Stonehenge papers, and make some books for sale.

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