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Saturday morning coffee pot post

Gah. Down widda flu. The students where I work have dubbed this the “history flu” because it has run rampant through the department.

It was a super busy week, mostly spent all my energy at work and watched DVDs and Hulu when I came home. One night Sandy and I went to Sticks and Stones, which has amazing pizza. One of my physical therapists got through to me about wearing my brace and resting my hand, so I’ve been trying to be good.

My art papers finally came from California, as well as my orders of a stainless steel “draftsman’s straight edge,” which is a wonderful tool to use for tearing paper pages, really good double-sided adhesive tape, and ten colors of dye ink! I had planned to tear signatures and put together books this weekend, then bind them at my mother’s house in Marietta, where I was going to spend a couple of days helping her out while she has some medical tests. Now that’s out because of my flu and she will have to reschedule for the following week.

I plan to put my books, if I ever manage to get any made, in the Hand to Hand Market on March 19. Then Elements Gallery is planning to open in April. You can see why I am frustrated at the obstacles put in my way. Now I am going to try to get some sleep.

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