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Saturday morning coffee pot post

I am on my second little pot of coffee. I feel the need for extra caffeine today – my energy level has been low all week.

The Back Forty has been calling me and I have done as much as I can, which isn’t much. The weather is beautiful this weekend. I pulled up English ivy around the redbud tree in front of my studio and laid down all the cardboard that I have been collecting this winter, then Sandy covered it with pine needles. He has constructed a very ugly raised bed out of 2×6x8s and wooden stakes over the area where my beans and leeks and garlic and several herbs and flowers were last year. I dug up some of the leek volunteers and replanted them in the raised bed I have claimed at the side of the house, which wasn’t hard because the soil is loose and easy to work there. I bought some High Mowing calendula, mesclun mix, and sage seeds at Deep Roots and planted a few of them among and beside the garlic coming back from last year in the “fertile crescent.” Also moved some coreopsis that I found coming back from an ancient planting that I thought was gone to this bed. I let all the lettuce mix in the winter bed go to seed last year so I hope to get a lot of volunteers from that bed.

Since my priority mail box with my papers, books, and supplies has not yet arrived from California, a situation that made me regret this decision, I had to scrap my plan of putting together several little books this weekend. But I had lots of errands to do and laundry so I guess it is just as well. I finally heard that the art co-op gallery will not be ready to go in March and the new target date is April so I didn’t need to do a bookbinding blitz. Sandy and I need to start getting together our tax information since we will have to itemize this year. I plan to get the sewing machine out and see if it really does work now.

I picked up enough of the mess in the studio that about 2/3 of the floor is uncovered – leftovers from my disastrous shelf crashes from six months ago. I know in my heart that I really should pull up a couple of large garbage cans to the door and start tossing stuff but so far I can’t bring myself to do it. Maybe next weekend.

Today I am going to put a ham roast from Cornerstone Farm in the crockpot and will probably serve it with a pineapple glaze that one of the students canned and gave to me for Christmas. I am looking for easy meals to prepare that don’t require much chopping. I did peel and cube a big butternut squash and it is destined for a soup and for a chicken curry.

Deep Roots Market is trying to raise money from its owners for expansion plans downtown. They are asking for owner loans with a minimum of $1500 or you can buy extra shares in the co-op for $100 a share. I would gladly give them a loan if I had the money and didn’t have to buy a new furnace/air conditioning unit this year, so instead I bought an extra share. I love Deep Roots, and now that the situation at the farmers’ market has thoroughly depressed me I will be doing a lot more shopping there. Deep Roots has been working hard to offer as much local organic as possible, and with the expansion will come a deli and much more space to offer many more goodies. My energy will be redirected to them again, if I ever get it back.

Sandy and I have been watching the first two seasons of Breaking Bad from Netflix. A strange and really well-written show, although it is gory. We are hooked to find out what will happen next at the end of each episode. And I’ve been watching Portlandia on Hulu. That is a hilarious show.

Since I have been back, Theo has staked out my lap and it seems like he has to be on top of me every minute I am in the house. I love him but it is getting tiresome. Miss Jazz seems to be doing so much better and has gained a little weight, as has Guido. I am still clueless as to why Miss Lucy is so fat. She often turns her nose up at food and races around the house with Guido or Theo in the Kitty 500. She is a sweetheart too but she always seems to be an outsider to me – I don’t know why.

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