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Saturday morning coffee pot post

My focus this weekend is getting healed up as much as possible for my trip and getting organized. I made such a mess yesterday looking for some black linen thread that it looked like it would be impossible for me to ever get my bedroom/studio back to a workable area. But I had to, so I began by taking several boxes of stuff back to the outside studio, which is basically moving and delaying the problem instead of solving it, but it is all I can do at the moment. And I did eventually find my thread in one of my many tote bags, along with a leather thimble I’d been missing too.

Now I have packed the tools and supplies I need for Albie’s class and if I need any of them I will have to get them out of the suitcase and replace them when I am done.

Yesterday (see yesterday’s post) I finished up a commission for a gift for one of the PhD candidates where I work. I had to start completely over because I sprayed a very light layer of clear acrylic on the first one, per the advice of one of the teachers I recently took a class with, and the chemical smell was still too much for me a week later. I tried putting the book in the freezer for a few days, which is a trick I heard about for removing cigarette smells from books, but so far that has not worked for either.

This was a good project for me because it prodded me to think of a template for a book commission for someone who I don’t know. I asked this buyer for a color, a theme, and a quote. I also asked if she wanted a recycled book or an exposed binding, but she left that up to me. I think that I will charge more for a fancy exposed binding or beaded binding in the future because that will take more time and effort. This one seemed to call for a simple binding. So the idea of this template is that I will collage an old book cover with the “theme,” add a favorite quote on the cover printed on paper of the requested color, and use that color on the inside covers and throughout the pages.

I bought a huge chrome spinning hat rack at Design Archives for $20. They are going out of business. Also picked up a good Samsonite suitcase for only a buck. The rack will hopefully go to Elements Gallery if we get the lease.

The sewing machine guy returned my machine to me at no charge. He couldn’t find a part to replace the bent feed plate so he tried to straighten it out some and said that he was able to sew with it. So it may be a short term fix. I’m going to play with it some today on some fabric book covers and will consider a new machine later. I want one that can drop the feed dogs so that I can free-motion quilt. Any relatively inexpensive (i.e. less than $200) recommendations or feedback are welcomed.

Dr. Weingold recommended that I continue with physical therapy for another month, then reassess. I definitely have Dequervain’s tendinitis, no doubt about it now. The next step will be injections. He told me that if my comparison for this is to the steroid injection I had in my hip, that I can be assured that it will not be THAT painful. He said that he had had a hip injection and “it hurt like hell!” That makes me feel a little better about it.

I decided to take my laptop with me to An Artful Journey this time. Normally I do not take my laptop on these trips, but my classes are on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so I thought that I’d like to blog on my birthday Thursday night and when I am in a hotel on Wednesday and Monday nights, be able to upload photos and such.

The Friends of the GFCM are basically no more. The city finally crushed us by ending their contracts with us and the only management group that liked us doesn’t want the baggage of our name association. We are in the process of shutting down and paying out our obligations. It will probably rise again as a different volunteer group if the best proposal wins. Too bad that the city let a bunch of liars have power over this situation and didn’t support or appreciate a group of good-intentioned, hard-working people, but that’s politics for ya. Some good honorable people have really been hurt by these actions. We tried to keep going despite the bully but in the end the city found it easiest to side with the bully and we didn’t get enough people to stand up for us because they were scared of the bully too. I hope that you will let the city know which group is the best one to manage the market – they need to hear from you instead of just the bully and his friends. The choice is clear (Greensboro Farmers Market Inc.) if you read the proposals on the city website. I am done with this now and it is a relief.

Today, laundry, vacuuming, cooking, sewing machine, a little tapestry weaving and catching up on my Hulu shows. I’ll try to squeeze in a ride to my friend’s house in Summerfield. He and I are discussing a barter for display work and a website.

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