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Saturday morning coffee pot post

Theo says hello…

Here we go, my stream of consciousness until the coffee pot runs out.

I think that I will have to give up most of my gardening this year. Sandy wants to redo the Back Forty into a more “traditional” format of straight lines. This hurts my feelings and artistic sensibilities and the permaculture spirit of the Back Forty, but I am tired of fighting this fight. I’m not sure that I am up for it this year.

He wants to do this every year but once it gets hot he doesn’t want to do any of the work. When we had grass back there he literally let it grow three feet tall, which is nice if you live in a dry prairie or have goats, but we have mosquitoes and I don’t want grass seed all over the garden beds. It took a lot of work to get rid of that grass. I asked him to consider planting white clover if he wants to convert any of it back to a lawn – it’s mowable and a nitrogen fixer and if I ever come back to gardening it can be dug under for fertilizer.

If, and I mean IF this happens, I will keep control of my herb and garlic bed and the raised bed on the south edge – I already have perennials and biennials there and I think I can work those. But it makes me sad to think of losing that lovely garden design just reaching its maturity to an idea that will probably be abandoned. I only think that I’ll give in because I need to concentrate on getting my hands better and to work on my art. I have to choose my battles.

This year we paid a guy who works the yard a few houses down to mow the small area left on our lot that can be mowed. This was a great relief to me and he didn’t charge us much at all.

We took the sewing machine to JoAnn’s for the sewing machine tune-up/repair day. The – whaddaya call it? – sewing machine fix-it guy? – mechanic? – man took the machine with him because the plate over the feed dogs was bent and although most of the other parts are standard this one wasn’t. He says that if he can get a part for this 60s machine he will let me know if it is worth the cost of fixing it. I had hoped that I’d be merrily sewing book covers this weekend but so be it.

The countdown to An Artful Journey (and my 50th birthday) has begun…20 days left in my 40s! I am not looking forward to a flight in mid-February across the country but maybe, maybe all this freakish weather will have worn itself out by then. I’m going to concentrate on painted paste papers for my books while I’m there – and soaking up everything that I can!

I bought a couple of yards of Wonder Under so I’m going to fuse together a slew of fabric book covers and fold book signatures in preparation for binding. I tried to do some of this last weekend but I overdid it in the kitchen on Saturday (the danger of feeling better in a long healing process) and I found that all that interfacing that I had bought was only adhesive on one side. Tch. It will still be useful to stiffen fabric but it was not what I needed.

The news from the person organizing the co-op is that we are in negotiation for the lease now and it looks good. The projected date for re-opening Elements Gallery is March 1. That is only a month away!

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