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Saturday morning coffee pot post

For a short week, there sure was a lot of stuff packed into it.

I hope that the email in the last post about Elements Gallery means that it is moving forward despite not getting the number of artists that they hoped for at the beginning. I believe that once the gallery opens again and other artists hear about it that it will draw more artists in. I know at least a few of us said that it is such a good deal we are willing to pay more per month to get it off the ground, so maybe that will be enough. A shelf of space is not a display space – it is a unit of space to measure how much you can put out into the gallery. You can pack it, stack it, fill it up. Then your work goes out into the gallery space to mingle with the other art. I could probably get all of my work into one shelf space. But I am willing to buy into five shelf spaces because I’m motivated to get this baby rolling.

I went to physical therapy twice this week and after yesterday I do actually feel better. I go twice next week and then see the doctor. Fortunately, I found out that I can use my husband’s health savings account card to pay for my medical care, since he dumped a lot of the money into it that we received from the supplemental critical illness insurance after his heart attack. Boy, that was the best investment I ever made.

The physical therapist that I saw yesterday told me that if I want to keep doing what I am doing that I am going to have to figure out adjustments. No surprise there, really. It’s a bummer because I can’t figure out an adjustment for needle weaving on my tapestry loom. But I think that will be okay because I switch hands so often and take breaks.

I lugged that Morse sewing machine to JoAnn’s for their sewing machine tune-up/repair day only to discover that I had the date wrong. I left it in the car and will take it back this Thursday. Hopefully he will be able to fix it and then I can roll forward on the fabric journals and some of my quilting ideas. In the meantime I am putting together combinations so that they are ready to stitch when the time comes. The gallery will probably open on March 1.

The soy wax batik is so easy that I wonder why I waited so long to play with it. I just leave the wax to harden in the deep fryer until the next time I want to play with it, then turn it on and melt it. I can’t say that I was terribly happy with my results this time, but I learned a lot and had fun. The cloths will make good backgrounds for further stitching and weaving strips.

The tapestry that I have started based on this beautiful sunrise over the Puget Sound in October 2009 is going to be stunning. I am so psyched over it. I have a lot of beautiful shades of silk that I hand-dyed and some that I bought years ago at a weaving conference.

I am deep into Twelve By Twelve by William Powers and dreaming of a future in a tiny house. Sandy and I were talking about our future last night and after we pay off this house we will probably sell it and his mother’s condo (if anyone would buy it by then) and move into a small place. I will probably have to give up any kind of real gardening and yard work anyway. I love the idea of a tiny house on a trailer and traveling around the country, maybe doing the guest host thing in the national parks. Having an acre of land with some fruit trees and bushes and perennials – somewhere to land for a few months from time to time.

Here’s a photo of the finished bird tapestry still on the loom, and the beginning of the sunrise tapestry. I’m not working from a cartoon with the sunrise tapestry, just referring to the photograph from time to time.

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