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Prayer flag, works in progress

I have another 40 minutes to kill before going to work, so I decided that it is time to put up or shut up about the stuff I keep repeating that I’m doing here.

Here’s the prayer flag. I went in an entirely different direction than my original plan after I found a piece of fabric that I painted a couple of years ago in a workshop. I’ve been thinking a lot about how real change only comes from within each of us. I painted the universe around it and wrote the words, and I’m done. I wanted to bead or sew French knots, but I am going to mail it today just the way it is to stop myself from stitching!

I started playing with the woven fabric strips, inspired by Jude Hill’s work. My soy wax batiks from Melly’s class provided a lot of inspiration yesterday. I started fusing together book covers from them, but photos will be later when they are a little more complete. Here is the beginning of the woven piece, with which I may take completely apart and experiment more. I love, love, love this idea and can’t wait to be able to stitch on it. I have some lovely worn hole-ridden nuggets of shells that are just aching for a background to show off.

Finally, here’s the latest progress on the bird tapestry. There is only a couple of inches to go. The rest of the tapestry has been pulled around to the back of the loom, so I’ll have plenty of warp to do another tapestry on here when this is done.

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