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Snow Day Coffee Pot Post

I signed up to join Elements Gallery, and so did Susanne. I feel very good about it. The price is certainly right and all that remains is that they get enough artists committed to sign the lease by today and that I get juried in. So, hooray! Maybe this is that opportunity that I have been waiting for. I didn’t know what it would be. When we went to the meeting, the artists that were already showing in the gallery were picking up their work so that the space can be renovated this month. It was mostly ceramic and the kind of art that I like – rich with color and texture, not cutesy.

So this has inspired me to spend the rest of the day working on a couple of fabric journal covers and finishing the prayer flag that I started. My right hand is pretty good so if I can fuse fabrics together for stitching later, I don’t have to use my wonky left hand to hold anything much. I have some beautiful handmade papers of my own and that Susanne gave to me for Christmas (along with those quail eggs that I posted a photo of a couple of weeks ago).

I might even finish the bird tapestry today if I take plenty of breaks, and I’ll have room left on the warp for another mini-tapestry or two. I realize that this is NOT helping my left hand at all. I am obsessed. But I’m wearing my hard brace on that hand so it is a little better, and at least it reminds me that lifting heavy things with it is a no-no. Hopefully I’ll be able to go to PT later this week.

Also journaled by hand in my “Year of Turning 50″ journal. I did some 5 minute sketches this week of Theo and Guido, under the Sketchbook Challenge prompt “Highly Prized.” It ain’t perfect, but it’s not supposed to be. Now I need to add Miss Lucy and Miss Jazz to the spread. Here are a few pages:

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