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Saturday morning coffee pot post

It’s been a frustrating week. I tried to make an appointment for physical therapy on Tuesday, hoping to get in this week before the semester starts on Monday. They told me that I had to have a prescription. Now, this is the same place where I’ve had PT before. It’s not like I’m a new patient. I wasn’t able to get a “prescription” called in until Friday morning, and they let me know on my home phone, so I didn’t get the message until it was too late to go. I imagine that it had something to do with insurance. Your oligarchy at work.

The good thing is that I found a bottle of hydrocodone from when I had all those dental problems a year and a half ago, so finally I was able to get a couple of good nights of sleep. The naproxen sodium is not doing the job any more. I should probably go to a neurologist, I guess, since the hand specialist couldn’t find any problems with my nerves. Clearly there is a nerve problem when my hands go to sleep. Mama thinks that it is arthritis. Doc says that it is Dequervain’s tendinitis. I think that it is a stew of several different problems, and so does the physical therapist. Where is House when I need him?

I need to get this resolved or at least in a workable status before I go to An Artful Journey on February 16. Please don’t send me links or photos of people painting with their mouths or feet, or some such thing. It only ticks me off. I’m just venting here.

So I’m looking for alternatives to scratch my creative itch. Typing isn’t too bad, as long as it is not data entry where I am using the tab and control keys over and over. Stitching is not good. Holding a pen, pencil, or brush, NO. Dyeing is okay, but lifting heavy pots and tightly wrapping bundles, uh-uh. I’m stubbornly weaving my tapestry, but taking lots of breaks. Chopping veggies and hand washing dishes, okay in small quantities. Photography, good. I’ve been snapping lots of shots of pure texture or color ideas.

Printing altered photos on fabric – great! Now I need a working sewing machine to stitch some art quilting. I’m pretty sure that I can work with Jude Hill’s method of weaving a fabric base for further stitchery later. I have some wonderful dyed fabrics from studying India Flint’s book, Eco Colour.

After I finish here, I’m going to work on my journal and time myself writing for five minutes. I’m going to work on a five minute sketch for the Sketchbook Challenge. I’m going to put together a prayer flag to send to An Artful Journey. Five minutes. I think that I can do most anything for five minutes at a time.

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