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Blackbird tapestry in progress

Don’t feel like blogging tonight, but I told myself I’d blog every day this week. I’d much rather be weaving this:

It is based on the blackbird photos that I took on Christmas morning. The warp and one of the wefts is black carpet warp. The blue wool must be thrums from somebody because it is cut into lengths and rolled in a ball. I have a lot of yarns from weavers who gave me their loom “waste” and dye samples of small amounts.

I purchased this little copper pipe tapestry loom from at least a couple of years ago, put it on a shelf, covered it up with stuff, and forgot about it. I love this loom, and I’ve tried a lot of different homemade looms and a Schacht tapestry loom. I can create two sheds for the large areas of weaving and it saves wear and tear on my afflicted hands. It is heavy enough that I can prop it up on the keyboard tray of my computer desk and it doesn’t move, so I don’t have to hold it.

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