critters, Greensboro North Carolina

Day After Christmas in a snowy North Carolina

This amount of snow is very exciting to us Southerners. When we get winter weather it is more often ice and sleet. Looks like you folks to our northeast are about to get dumped on.

In the South, everybody runs out to the grocery store at the hint of a snow forecast and loads up on milk and bread. It’s kind of embarrassing when you really DO need milk and bread. So y’all stop doing that, okay? Fortunately, I really loaded up on food last week because I wanted to be able to concentrate on dyeing and art-making this week.

I bought a potted Meyer lemon tree this summer, and brought it in about a month ago. It has been flowering like crazy so I hope to get some lemons this winter! I was told that I would. It has filled half the house with a heavy gardenia-like smell, which is great if you like that smell, and gag-awful if you don’t. Guess which camp I fall into.

The eucalyptus dyeing project should help a lot with that.

Here’s what we woke up to in Greensboro, North Carolina and it is still snowing.

Santa dropped off some catnip for the kittehs, so here’s the other entertainment for me this week. Even Miss Jazz got into the fun last night. Guido is still into it:

Guess dusting this week wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

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