Merry White Christmas!

We returned to Greensboro a day earlier because the weather forecasts have been all over the place, and they were calling for several inches of snow in southeastern NC in the morning – they rarely get much snow and given the unpredictability of the whole scenario, we decided after a call to a Greensboro friend that we should probably avoid driving out of there tomorrow. I was told that it had started snowing in Gboro at 1 p.m., and we were beginning to wonder if it had all turned to rain when we hit the county line and there it was on the ground. Fifteen minutes later we were home on a street covered in snow. So I think that we made the right decision. The latest forecast calls for 3-5 inches here. I had a good time at “home” in Marietta and we were not eager to leave but it will be nice for Sandy to have a whole day off at home in Greensboro. I have the next week off.

I grabbed up a small bag of acorns and bark from the extremely old white oak in Mama’s yard for some dye experimenting on our rush out to get home before the roads got bad.

This morning my mother woke me up because there was a massive flock of blackbirds covering the soybean field behind her house. When I went out with my camera, they all moved up and into the surrounding trees. The sound was incredible. I got a few nice shots, even the ones without so many birds…

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