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Saturday Morning Coffee Pot Post

I’m sitting here with Miz Jazz in my lap, and we are both watching the other three cats tear back and forth through the house. Guido is the oldest of the three, and he seemed to be winning at first. Then Miss Lucy got into it, and Guido dropped out somewhere. Now Theo is running back and forth by himself. Theo is so fat now that he really needs that exercise. He likes to play with the cat whip, but running is better for him.

Miz Jazz is so much better. She walks almost normally now and doesn’t squeak when I pick her up. Thursday I caught her grooming herself in her nether regions, which she had stopped doing and her thick fur was getting matted. Her left leg was high in the air just before I took this shot.

I’ve been down this week and it’s been hard to say why. Maybe I’m feeling my otherness – that is what my dreams seem to be saying. Usually I can celebrate my otherness, but every now and then I feel worn down. I think that following politics and the ever-deteriorating insane way that the Friends of the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market are treated by the city is getting to me. Fortunately, there will be some news forthcoming that may change that for the better. The Friends will either grow stronger or disappear, and a lot of that depends on the support of the vendors and customers of the GFCM. Watching and listening to Bernie Sanders old school filibuster for eight and a half hours yesterday was uplifting. Made me want to move to Vermont, and not for the first time.

When I feel down, I walk around with my camera and try to look at life from different angles. Most of all, I like to look up.

Today I plan to play with paper and glue and paint and yarn and thread. Here’s my to-do list for the weekend.

Collage Christmas cards and address them
Tear pages for book signatures
Paint pages
Finish color book
Put string heddles on loom and start weaving tapestry
Begin to prepare and mordant fabric and fibers for dyeing

That should be way enough.

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