Lately I have fallen in love with India Flint and her very organic use of dye and resists on fabric. I bought her book Eco Colour and I’m devouring each word of it. My plan is to spend the week after Christmas with soy wax batik and dye pots, cotton fabric scraps and paper pulp. I’m going to explore dyeing with teas and spices too.

India began a blog where we can share our work and a project of establishing sewing circles around the world at found stitched dyed. If you have an appreciation for cloth that has a story, that bears the marks of its life and its connection with our lives, and feel the urge to connect with it in the present by adding stitches and dyes, please visit either of her sites. In fact, if these words spark any interest in you at all, your mind might open wide to these ideas once you look at India’s work and the other fiber artists who are joining in. I know that I will never regard a stain in the same way again. I intend to pull that cotton blouse with the rust stain on its openwork collar out of my rag pile for a start.

I’m also excited about tapestry again. I had purchased a small pipe loom that breaks down for travel in a mailing tube a couple of years ago, but put it away in my zeal for bookbinding, then forgot about it when I had to take a break to heal my injured hands. I pulled it out this past weekend, and made string heddles for it yesterday. Now I have a couple of designs in mind from my photos from Journalfest and I should be weaving by this weekend at the latest.

My brain has expanded to possibility so much in the last few weeks that I can hardly focus on ordinary functions of life. So Friends, if you thought I was ditzy before, be aware that “ditzy” just ratcheted up a few notches.

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