We ended up with a couple of inches of snow on the ground and the weather has turned unusually cold for December around here. I didn’t take any snow photos because I stayed inside, cooked soup on the woodstove, cleaned and did laundry, and begin warping up a little tapestry loom that I bought about two years ago and forgot about. Good weekend.

I’m getting excited about having the week after Christmas off at home. I pulled out some books and some fabric and I believe that there is some soy batik and fabric painting and dyeing in my near future. I saw an online class advertised somewhere for dyeing fabrics with teas and spices. Well, heck, I could do that on my own, and I have the stuff to do it. Sounds like fun!

I saw a small red-tailed hawk in the front yard last week. I’m guessing here. It looked like a mini-version of the hawk that hangs out at UNCG. Wife or child?

Tapestries of sunrises and sunsets. And beets and carrots. And cats. Yes.

I love texture.

These photos are ones that I’ve taken on my walk to work lately. I’m never on time any more – I get so distracted. No one seems to care, though.

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