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Saturday morning coffee pot post

I got a late start this morning – that bed felt so good! We are about to swing by the animal hospital to pick up a bag of fluids for Jazz on our way to the farmers’ market as soon as Sandy finishes his computer game and gets dressed. First things first, you know.

Last night’s Indie Market was a success for me. I sold one book, a matted color woodcut print, and two Squirtly cards. The guy that bought the turnip print said “I just unloaded a truckload of these yesterday!” What luck, a turnip farmer! As he paid he said, “Bet you’re glad that I turned up!” Haw haw. That right there made the whole night worth it.

The bad thing that happened was that I screwed up my new pop-up tent. One of the legs is jammed and in trying to deal with it another part of it popped apart. I’m pretty sure that we can fix it – I’m just happy that I was able to get it into the car without it hanging out the window.

Miss Jazz is doing great. She is putting some weight on her back leg and is walking much straighter. She also gained a little bit of weight. She goes back to the chiropractor in two weeks.

We’re leaving now – I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. Build a snow fort! In these part of N.C. it is expected to snow but no accumulation. Good excuse to fire up the woodstove and make soup though!

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