Blechh Friday

I am not a shopper, y’all. I’m going to spend the day being thankful for what I have instead of what I want. It helps that I don’t have children.

I have been sleeping SO MUCH for the past few days. I gather that my body is catching up on the insomniac nights that I spent for a couple of weeks. This morning the cats were kind enough to let me sleep until 9:15. That was 11 hours of sleep – good grief! I guess I’ll set an alarm again.

My good fortune continues: a reporter for the News and Record contacted me through the Handmade Triad website. Her editor had seen my work at the last Indie Market and picked me for the regular “Meet An Artist” feature that they run in Go Triad, the entertainment supplement that comes with the paper on Thursdays and is free and available all over town. This freaked me out in a good way. Now that the interview and the photography session is over I’m a lot more relaxed but I sure do wish that I could see that article and photos before they go to press! I’ve been in the newspaper before for an Eat Local Challenge and they did a huge spread on me in the Life section – it was good but the reporter didn’t record our conversation and some things got a little twisted through her personal filter, like a remark that I didn’t mean for people to give up Doritos (actually, I think that would be great) and something about communion wafers. I’m an ex-Southern Baptist – we communed with cubes of white sandwich bread with the crusts cut off and grape juice – I’ve never had a communion wafer in my life!

But I was pleased for the most part and since Erin recorded our interview I feel pretty good about it. I just don’t remember much of what I said. A whole lot about connections. I’ve come to believe that’s the driving force behind most of what I and most other people do.

I plan to enjoy this rare three-day weekend at home making soup and cooking a ham roast with peach preserves spread on it. I bought a lot of veggies at the Greensboro Farmers’ Curb Market on Wednesday morning so I have a lot of good food to play with. My main focus will be to make a couple more books and to weave. I don’t know if I will decide to finishing warping my loom that I began back this spring when the pain in my hands stopped me, or work on some mini-tapestries in progress, but I feel very good about what’s ahead this weekend.

I think that I’ll go to the Sojourners’ meeting at the Church of the Covenant on Sunday morning if I don’t sleep too late. After talking about it yesterday I realize that I miss it and I should go back soon before the minister retires. That’s a very liberal service for people who don’t like church or organized religion, by the way. I like the description of it as “Quaker Lite.”

Time to kick Theo out of my lap and set up my worktable. I wish you all a great Buy Nothing Day. Save your money for tomorrow and spend it with your local small businesses and farmers!

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