Miz Jazz Update

I just realized that I haven’t updated y’all about Miz Jazz’s progress. She’s doing pretty good! The vet decided that the best course of action was to start with her teeth. She extracted four teeth – leaving her with only four teeth including two fangs. Jazz had broken two teeth and two teeth were badly decayed. She had lost another half pound to 4.5 lbs! No wonder she was losing weight.

They did another blood test and her thyroid is okay and her BUN (kidney) levels were actually a little better! Thank God because treating the thyroid would be toxic to the kidneys.

Her x-rays showed that her back and hips are very arthritic, but at least that meant that it wasn’t an injury that requires surgery. She is still hobbling badly though, so we’ll need to work on that once she is finished with these antibiotics. The chiropractor wanted to wait until she is recovered from the dental surgery. The vet said that she thought that Jazz would definitely benefit from chiropractic.

I was really worried because she was just licking her food and I knew that we had to get more food into her because of our experience with Squirt. I was afraid that she was associating food with pain. But Monday morning that little girl chowed down. She ate twice as much as usual and she’s been eating normally ever since.

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