Miz Jazz update – the reprieve

Miss Jazz saw Dr. Hunt this morning. We both needed to be reassured that it was time to let her go. She didn’t seem ready to die. We asked Dr. Hunt to tell us why we needed to do it again.

Dr. Hunt said that she remembered seeing her when she was last in (she was examined both times by another vet there) and that she looks better, said that if it was her cat she would wait. She agreed that she would have euthanized her the way she was last week, but based on her behavior and the way she looks and even her facial expression she didn’t think that she was ready to die either. And that with fluids she could get much better, and we may be able to extract her tooth.

So Miss Jazz is getting a change in pain meds, subcu fluids, and a chiropractor visit on Wed. Possible tooth extraction in future. We have to get food into her. I’m watering down her food and I’m going to make some pure chicken broth to mix with it today, since I learned with Squirt’s CRF that the onions in commercial broth are not good for cats.

Sandy is concerned about the emotional toll this is taking on both of us, but we both feel much better about this decision. We would never have felt right if we had gone the other way. It won’t be easy, but I do think that this vet would have told us if the quality of her life was bad or hopeless enough to send her on ahead of us.

As an example of how much better both of us feel, Sandy just told Jazz to shut up.

Onward. I’ve got pesto to make, doodling to do, books to bind, beer to drink, and naps to take this weekend.

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