augggghhhh, critters


I keep trying to write this but it’s tough – Miss Jazz really needs to be euthanized. Both Sandy and I know it, but Sandy isn’t ready yet. Just as he knew it with Squirt but I wasn’t ready yet. So I’m trying hard to be compassionate to them both. But the pain medication that I am injecting Jazz with twice a day doesn’t seem to be helping her much. She seems to be broken. Every day she limps worse and last night she cried no matter how gently I tried to handle her. I cried myself to sleep last night and cried again this morning. Sandy is wrecked. He called me from work this morning and said that he might be ready tomorrow, but he thought that she was feeling better. She is not feeling better. Of course she enjoys attention and cuddling.

Gotta go. Somebody’s knocking at the door.

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